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Updated: May 2

Christina Runnels, building a respected brand in mental health therapy.

About the Author: Christina Runnels

Christina Runnels, the owner and founder of Greater Houston Counseling Services, is a beacon of innovation and excellence in the mental health domain. As a licensed professional counselor supervisor, she’s steered her multi-location mental health agency to the seven-figure mark, establishing it as a trusted name in the community. Recognizing the challenges faced by many in the field, Christina birthed 'Private Practice DIY' in 2019, a venture that aims to empower mental health practices to transition from just surviving to robustly thriving. With her deep insights and actionable strategies, Christina continues to sculpt the landscape of mental health therapy.

In this article, Christina Runnels, with her wealth of experience and pioneering spirit, guides mental health therapists on the intricate nuances of branding. With passion, strategy, and unwavering dedication, therapists can etch a legacy that’s both impactful and enduring.

In the vast expanse of mental health, three attributes stand as pillars: trust, expertise, and reputation. Therapists, as the navigators in this journey, have the arduous task of merging these aspects to ensure their services reverberate with profound impact. Christina Runnels, a seasoned beacon in this field, offers insights that are the culmination of years of experience and innovation. Let’s explore.

Understanding the Essence of Your Practice

Every therapist has a story, a unique approach that makes them distinctive. Recognizing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is crucial. Whether it's cognitive behavioral therapy, child therapy, or a particular methodology, showcasing your specialization ensures you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Visual Identity and Brand Aesthetics

Colors converse with our emotions. Research on color psychology reveals the importance of carefully choosing hues. Your logo and the palette should be in harmony with the emotions you wish to evoke. Consistency in branding elements makes your identity unmistakable.

Developing a Trustworthy and Authentic Voice

Your authenticity is your most potent tool. Christina emphasizes that communication, in any form, should be steeped in genuine intent. This paves the way for meaningful connections with your clientele.

Engaging in Thought Leadership and Continuous Learning

The mental health sphere is evolving, demanding therapists to be perpetual learners. Engaging in advanced workshops and contributing on platforms like PsychCentral not only enriches your knowledge but also establishes you as an authority in the field.

Online Presence and Reputation Management

In the digital age, ensuring your SEO strategy is robust is pivotal. Being present and active on social platforms, while also ensuring timely responsiveness to online interactions, further accentuates your brand's reliability.

Community Engagement and Networking

Being part of therapy conferences and community events offers myriad benefits. Apart from widening your knowledge horizon, these platforms facilitate collaborations and enriching partnerships.

Ethical Considerations and Professional Conduct

The bedrock of therapy is the ethical code we adhere to. The American Psychological Association's ethical guidelines safeguard therapists legally and amplify the trust quotient among clients.

Monitoring Brand Perception and Adapting Strategy

The world of therapy is dynamic. To remain resonant, it's imperative to be attuned to feedback, making strategic shifts as and when needed.


Q: How often should I review my brand aesthetics?*

Christina recommends a regular re-assessment every couple of years, or whenever there’s a significant change in the therapy landscape or your clientele demographics.

Q: Can I manage SEO by myself?*

Yes, numerous tools can assist you. However, if the nuances seem intricate, consider collaborating with an [SEO expert](

Q: How do I address negative online feedback?*

Engage constructively, ensuring your response is professional and aligned with confidentiality standards. Every feedback is a step towards refinement.

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